Omnivore - Ugly Burger pop-up at Gato Cafe starts tomorrow

Ugly Burger joins Gato Arigato and Eat Me Speak Me at Gato Cafe


  • Courtesy Gato Cafe

The edible think tank within Gato Café in Candler Park is launching a newish pop-up restaurant concept to join de facto restaurants-within-a-restaurant Gato Arigato and Jarrett Stieber’s Eat Me Speak Me.

Ugly Burger will take over Gato the first three Tuesdays of August, helmed by chef Allen Suh and Josh Feigert. The pop-up’s centerpiece will be the pair’s imaginative and kooky take on the current (seemingly endless) burger trend. The fictional restaurant concept ran twice in May with so much fanfare that Suh and Feigert, who is also a musician in bands Wymyn’s Prysyn and Uniform, decided to bring the “edible good fun” back for the end of summer.

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As for the menu, expect things like one single French fry with various sauces including pickle gravy and Hawaiian Punch ketchup. In May, a fun order was the International with a French toast bun, homemade kimchee, Swiss cheese, and Canadian syrup. It was so messy, it came with a side of gloves. For the undaunted, the Frankenstein is a chicken-heart-stuffed 1/3-pound patty that also includes beef liver and veal brains. Vegetarian? Have a fruit salad sandwich: honey-mayo fruit salad on a bun with Fruit Loops. Don’t forget a moist salad shot.

Catch Ugly Burger at Gato Aug. 5, 12, and 19 form 7-11 p.m. Gato will be closed the last week in August with the exception of Eat Me Speak Me.