Omnivore - The Hash: Super Bowl party recipes, Valentine's Day cupcake turducken, and more

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DOGGONE CUTE: Who knew a field full of Dachshunds in weiner costumes running toward the Heinz family of condiments could be so heart-warming?

A restaurant that serves tri-tip sandwiches, is located in a building that shaped like a brick of cheese with a tip, and has a "tip of the iceberg" sort of menu should be called Just the Tip, right? It's the only reasonable choice.

Add Buzzfeed's kimchi queso and slow cooker chili bar to the lineup for Sunday's Cam Newton Super Bowl Party.

Nestlé Japan has introduced sake-infused Kit Kats. Not recommended for lightweight drinkers or children, each bar packs .8 percent alcohol per serving.

Restaurant research site Tabelog named Duluth's Breaker’s Korean BBQ the No. 1 Korean barbecue spot in the country. Tabelog noted the small chain's five-layer pork belly, 21-day aged short ribs, and use ribeye over tenderloin for bulgogi.

Treat your Galentines, or your significant other(s), with the turducken of Valentine's Day: a red velvet cupcake featuring a cookie-crusted mini chocolate cream pie, cinnamon frosting, and a champagne-filled chocolate truffle.

ICYMI: A pie rivalry may be coming soon to a grocery store near you as Aretha Franklin plans her own line of baked good and pre-packaged foods.