Omnivore - The Hash: Chick-fil-A's cell phone coop, PEEPS froyo, and more

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BUTTERED UP: According to the Internet, the new butterscotch latte at Starbucks sounds like a Harry Potter butterbeer ripoff. Potterheads and people who don't know what butterbeer is disagree.

Starbucks will finally break into the Italian market in 2017. Menu items for the Milan shop are still under wraps, but CEO Howard Schultz has assured the public that he is intimately involved in the venture. He intends for the project to show "great respect for the Italian people."

A Chick-fil-A in Suwanee is garnering national attention by encouraging patrons to secure their phones in a "cell phone coop" while eating with their families. The reward for a tech-free meal? Free ice cream. 

Celebrate Hump Day with homemade sweet treats, such as potato chip cookies, salted caramel brownies, or three-layer tres leches cake.

Frozen yogurt chain Menchie's has introduced a flavor modeled after love-it-or-hate-it Easter treat PEEPS. Double or triple down on the deal by topping your froyo with a yellow chick or by purchasing a PEEPS-covered marshmallow cake.