Omnivore - Drink Local: Old Fourth Distillery Vodka

Tasting Atlanta's first (legal) vodka since Prohibition

Have you found it hard to stay on top of all the new spirits being distilled here in Atlanta and its surrounding counties? Welcome to Drink Local, a semi-regular series in which we'll feature and taste a range of local products, starting with the four local distilleries highlighted in our Made in Georgia Spring Dining Guide

Our aim is to enable you to walk in to your local liquor store (or favorite bar) armed with a basic knowledge of the local goods on the shelves. First up? The very first (legal) spirit distilled in the city of Atlanta since the days before Prohibition — Old Fourth Distillery Vodka. 

The facts: Old Fourth Distillery on Edgewood Avenue fired up their still back in 2014, with vodka as their first product. Old Fourth's vodka is somewhat rare in the world of vodka since it is made from turbinado sugar — in this case sourced from Southern non-GMO sugar cane — rather than the more typical grains or potato. The product is triple distilled, and bottled at 80 proof.

How it tastes: By government definition, vodka is meant to be "without distinctive character, aroma, taste or color," but we all know that the government is not the best source of information on what to drink. Old Fourth Distillery's vodka is crystal clear, but you may notice it has a faint, sugary aroma, like a distant whiff of cotton candy. It goes down smooth and pleasant with a subtle fruitiness that's tough to pin down despite its distinctiveness. (Is it grape or plum or peach?) Any which way, this is a friendly vodka without the dreaded burn and one that will do especially well in cocktails with a fruity profile. 

Where to find it: Old Fourth Distillery vodka is widely available around Atlanta, now in more than 300 bars/restaurants, and over 100 bottle shops. It retails for approximately $25 a bottle. Of note — Kimball House, one of the most well-regarded bars in town, has chosen it as their primary vodka.