"Real Housewives of Atlanta" Season 4, Ep. 9: The Dalai Lama doesn't care about Nene Leakes

Ep. 9: The Dalai Lama doesn't care about Nene Leakes


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The Dalai Lama doesn't care that Nene Leakes doesn't know who he is. The Dalai Lama don't give a damn! Dalai's on Team Kim and thinks Nene totally has no class. But watch out, Dalai, because now that Nene is friends with Marlo Hampton, they're gonna slash yo' wrinkly face!

If there's one thing the Atlanta Housewives are good for, it's drama, which is why last night proved they're good for nothing. After a season of tense interactions between Marlo and Nene (Marlo's current boyfriend, footballer Charles Grant, was rumored to have dated Nene), the two met for lunch at a mall. The two ungentle giants came clean: "I don't want any drama." Whenever people say this, it means they thrive on drama the way a baby survives on breast milk. Marlo confessed that she had been arrested 7 times, one reportedly for slashing a girl's face in a club, or an "altercation with a young lady" as she put it. The two decided to be friends, best friends, friends in love that will share shoes because they both have humongous feet with bunions on them. Twinsies! Cynthia has been Nene's lackey up to this point. Do you think she'll be replaced by Marlo as new bestie? Cynthia, please stay away—your face is too beautiful for a slashing.