"Vegas" Season 1, Episode 8 Recap

Episode 8 Recap


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What is it about "Vegas" that is so engaging? It has plenty of problems, starting with some pretty ludicrous crime plots week by week, and it hasn't yet fleshed out its characters very well. Maybe it's that it's just filmed so lusciously that I become lulled into a hypnotic state in which the filtered light and vibrantly saturated colors wash over me and I forget all about the fact that the Lamb family just waltzed into a top secret (top!) military base that's studying radiation effects by poisoning an entire air squadron. But hey, let's talk Army-Air Force football!

The same things that worked in "Exposure" are the same things that have worked all season for "Vegas," and what hasn't worked still doesn't. The Case of the Week often feels shoehorned, but there are aspects of the rest of the series that are really promising. Though some have said Quaid's hammy performance detracts from the show, I think his camera mugging fits in with both his character and the show itself.

There's something about "Vegas" that is almost, dare I say, wholesome? We get introduced to Savino's mistress, the singer Diane Desmond (Ivana Milicevic), but their affair is from a long time ago and seems to have happened to a much different Savino that we now know. And in any case, he's not interested in pursuing it now. He doesn't give away his wife's necklace, he doesn't sleep with Diane, and he attempts to protect Rizzo from her on top of everything else.