10th Letter looks at nature in the time of the Singularity

Surprise album marries visual and musical components for a cybernetic, meditative journey

On Feb. 6, Jeremi Johnson, aka 10th Letter, dropped an unannounced new album, titled Nature In Singularity. The recording shifts 10th Letter’s gears a bit by delving into a more abstract wash of ambient samples and electronic soundscapes than anything Johnson has previously released. As the title suggests, the album is a conceptual offering that examines nature in the time of the Singularity — a flash point in human evolution when behavior and civilization’s rules become governed by advanced technology in ways that are not yet comprehensible.

The audio and video halves of Nature In Singularity give a glimpse into a day in the life of an artificially intelligent being taking a meditative stroll through various terrestrial terrains, happy that humans are no longer around to destroy the environment.

Nature In Singularity debuted live in a performance at Tech Square Labs on Jan. 28, during an evening of music and arts dedicated to exploring themes around the context of Singularity. Johnson was tasked with tackling nature. The material was initially intended for a one-off performance, but the theme and the imagery weighed heavy on his mind. “Technology is in a place where some really crazy and really scary things are happening,” Johnson says. “We're living in a time when human intelligence is under assault. Journalism is under assault. Facts are under assault. Technology has progressed so much that I don’t think we can turn back. We’re at the event horizon for the Singularity, and this is how it all begins.”

Nature In Singularity will be released as a cassette, and possibly as a DVD later this year. In the meantime, Johnson is wrapping up work on an album with Saira Raza, titled Bhadda Saya, which should arrive in late Feb.or early March.

10th Letter plays Mammal Gallery on Thurs., Feb. 9. With CJ Boyd, Danny Bailey and Rasheeda Ali, and Dux. $5. 9 p.m. 91 Broad St. S.W. www.mammalgallery.com.

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