The old Sears building is so much more than a refurbished landmark

TOWER VIEW: Overlooking the rooftop of the Ponce City Market.

Before the internet, before shopping malls, before, well, just about everything retail-oriented, there was the Sears and Roebuck catalogue. No need to go into town or stop by the general store, you could order whatever you needed from the trusty merchandise bible and have it delievered to your door.

How things have changed!

For years, one of the primary retail places of commerce in Atlanta was the Sears bulding on Ponce de Leon Avenue. When it finally closed, it underwent a few personality changes, but, unlike other old school structures in Atlanta, was saved from the wrecking ball. Today, as the Ponce City Market, it's a destination for friends, families, and visitors, offering a beautiful view and entertainment for all.

The Ponce City Market is so much more than the old Sears building turned into a dining and retail complex. Take the original elevator up to the roof and you’ve made a trip to Skyline Park, a midway of familiar, family-friendly games, including Skee Ball, Derby Race, and Ring Toss, along with a mini-golf course, a three-story high slide and a Heege Tower swing.

Skyline Park is the boardwalk for Atlantans doing a staycation — and a destination for tourists to the city "too busy to hate." Games, prizes and food await visitors, with an atmosphere so close to the real thing that you can almost hear the barkers and the carneys beckoning you into their stalls.

Skyline Park also offers traditional midway snacks, from hot dogs to hot pretzels, tacos, wraps, sodas and a serious selection of frozen adult beverages. For those looking for more substantial fare and wanting to make an evening out of the experience, grab a table at Nine Mile Station, with a menu for the more discerning palate. A restaurant that boasts a bountiful selection of gourmet salads, starters, and entrees, along with sumptuous cocktails crafted for the season, Nine Mile Station offers indoor and outdoor seating — and that view! While you can't go wrong ordering a Mezcal Mule, or one of the many other special cocktails, for the less daring drinker Nine Mile Station also offers a long list of craft beers.

Starting June 1, Ponce City Market will start hosting “21+ Summer Camp Themed Weekends.” Every Friday and Saturday evening through August 11, The Roof will transform into an adult-themed summer camp. Kids at heart will get to experience adult versions of camp classics high above the city. “Campers” will enjoy delicious camp-inspired cuisine and cocktails, including games and ghost stories around a campfire. Campers will have opportunities to win prizes, kick back in Boy Scout-style tents and capture amusing Instagram moments with an array of photo ops. Expect collaborations with Mountain High Outfitters, including contest giveaway prizes.

In addition, one Sunday each month during the summer will have a dedicated “Sunday for Kids” camp theme, with face painters, balloon artists, arts and crafts, free three-story slide and more, between noon and 4 p.m.


FAMILY FUN: Mini golf and a chance to ride the wind while on the Heege Tower.
MEETINGS AND RECEPTIONS: The Ponce City Market has spaces available for that quarterly business meeting — or, if you want to throw a party for friends.

EXCLUSIVITY: Want a chance to unwind, maybe get away from it all in the heart of the city? You can do just that at the Ponce City Market’s private bar inside its world-famous tower.
A VIEW FOR YOU: Watch the sunset from the terrace at Nine Mile Station. Have your camera ready, you’ll want to catch the moment from the city’s best view on Ponce De Leon Avenue.

SLIDE, BABY, SLIDE: The Three Story Slide makes kids of all ages smile!
SKEE BALL: I don’t know about you, but once I get started, I can’t stop!

NINE MILE STATION: From the kitchen to you. Crispy pork belly with grilled shitake Mushrooms, Sugar Snap Peas, Long Beans, and Asian spiced vinegar sauce.
MIDDLE EAST DELIGHT: Rosa bianca eggplant with chick peas, spilt peas, roasted grapes, and swirl around savory hush puppies, made of eggplant stew with cherry peppers, onions, garlic, tomatoes, dried oregano, cinnamon, cumin, and vegetable stock.

DAMN, THAT'S GOOD: Georgia trout seemingly flash fried with with purple yams, cassoulet beans, fava beans, cherry tomatoes and a heavy ragout with herbs-chervil, parsley, and chives.

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