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Black History Month

Browse Black History Month events as well as recommendations for the hottest events and parades. CL's critics & readers weigh in on the definitive guide to Black History Month in Atlanta.

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About Black History Month

Atlanta is often called the Black mecca of the South, so what better place to celebrate Black History Month than here? From the Civil Rights Movement to nonviolent demonstrations, commemorate African-American heroes who gave people hope for the future and advanced the quality of life for the black community.

The King Center is a great place to start. This living memorial is dedicated to the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and offers a variety of programs and services committed to fulfilling King’s dream of the beloved community.

Atlanta's spectacular National Center for Civil and Human Rights is a great resource to follow with events throughout the month. The NCCJ has the King papers archive and one of the largest collection of the Civil Rights era history in the US.

Black History Month Events

List of Black History Month Events:

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