NEWS BRIEF: ‘Resilience’ mural unveiled at family support agency

Families First — from orphanage to agency

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Photo credit: Courtesy Families First
“Threads of Resilience” Mural by Sharanda S.A.W. Wilburn on the Families First building

A mural entitled “Threads of Resilience” was unveiled this month at the Families First building on Joseph E. Lowery Boulevard in Atlanta. Painted by artist Sharanda S.A.W. Wilburn, the mural depicts the nonprofit organization’s long standing work of assisting families in crisis and building resiliency.

Families First began as an orphanage in 1890 and in 1937 became the first licensed adoption agency in Georgia. In 1964, the agency opened the first group home for young people in the state, and in 1989 it developed a curriculum used by 200 communities across the country to teach divorcing parents how to co-parent their children. The group guides families through the complexities of the social services system and helps with adoption, foster care, parenting classes, education, housing, counseling and behavioral health.