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NEWS BRIEF: Atlantans to vote on $15 million arts infusion

Mayor Dickens supports arts in Atlanta

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Photo credit: CL FILE
Woman looking at painting in an Atlanta Art Gallery

A $750 million infrastructure spending package that includes $15 million for the arts is on the City of Atlanta ballot for next Tuesday’s election. “Fifteen million dollars programmed correctly and leveraged correctly with philanthropic infusions — we can really get a long way,” said Mayor Andre Dickens during an art gallery visit this week.

“I’d want to see some catalytic work that takes place,” said Dickens. “Whether that’s an arts district, whether that’s something physical that we can all see as an installation that’s iconic — but also things that support local artists and local art organizations.” He added that a recent budget proposal he sent to the city council features another $500,000 in grants for the artistic community. wabe.org

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