NEWS BRIEF: Georgia Guidestones demolished after mysterious blast

Guidestones to whatever are no more.

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Photo credit: Dinasaurus/Wikimedia (Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported / Cropped)
The "Portal to Hell" Now Closed?

A man-made granite structure east of Atlanta that was damaged by explosives last week has been demolished by local authorities for reasons of safety. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is reviewing video footage that showed a silver sedan leaving the scene after the blast but has made no arrests.

The 19 foot-high Georgia Guidestones formation in Elberton was commissioned in 1980 by someone using the pseudonym RC Christian. It has long been a target of conspiracy theorists, some of whom believe the monument to be “a portal to hell," according to the BBC. In 2008, it was defaced in red paint with the slogan "Death to the New World Order." Details: bbc.com

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