NEWS BRIEF: Stacey Abrams/Raphael Warnock are targets of a racist Forsyth County flier

The protest has since been canceled.

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Photo credit: Stacey Abrams's Twitter / US Senate
“save and protect our neighborhoods, our communities and our county”

Some things never change? Water is wet. Georgia grows peaches. And racism endures in Forsyth County. The Republican Party of Forsyth County released a new flier urging “conservatives and patriots” to “save and protect our neighborhoods, our communities and our county” from a Stacey Abrams and Raphael Warnock regime.

The flier, promoting a protest of an upcoming rally of Democrats, continues, “The moment is at hand. The designers of destructive radicalism and socialism are crossing over our county border and into Cumming.” After refusing to answer questions about the flier and rally, the party decided to cancel the event.

The flier stoked memories of Forsyth County’s dark racial past. A 1912 campaign of violence pushed out thousands of black residents – every African American in the County – until suburban sprawl in Atlanta and the focus of intense media coverage (See more) allowed Forsyth to slowly integrate.

In a statement, the Republican Women of Forsyth County backtracked, “We do not condone nor engage in tactics that are intended to intimidate, harass or silence people who hold different political views.” nytimes.com