NEWS BRIEF: Conservatives challenge thousands of Georgia voters legitimacy ahead of November elections

‘A scary time for our democracy’

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Gwinnett County has seen over 37,000 voter challenges, alone

In the last year, more than 64,000 Georgia voters have had their voting eligibility challenged, according to voting rights group New Georgia Project. These challenges started occurring across the state once a 2021 law was passed by Georgia’s conservative legislature, allowing any Georgia voter to challenge the legitimacy of any other Georgia voters’ registration.

In the lead up to Georgia’s pivotal Governor and Senate races, at least 1,800 voters have been removed.

Gwinnett County has seen over 37,000 voter challenges, the most in the state. In 2020, the county north of Atlanta voted for President Joe Biden, which some say make it a target for Republican funded organizations, like VoterGA, to increase the number of challenges. VoterGA is at least partially funded by The America Project, who helped fund the Arizona ballot review after the last presidential election.

Election workers are overwhelmed sorting through tens of thousands of documents. They are worried of burnout before Election Day, or that some staff may not return to work.

New Georgia Project Chief Legal Officer Aklima Khondoker calls the witch hunt “a scary time for our democracy. Anybody in your neighborhood, for whatever their reasons are, can challenge your voter eligibility.” cnn.com