Blondie and Milk at Eat Me Speak Me

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Chef Jarrett Stieber has become known for his quirky menu descriptions (“naive fennel,” “Gnudi and the Blowfish,” etc.). But despite the many nicknames he’s given to his now-beloved blondie and milk over the years, from Milky Blaylock to Four Non Blondies, the words he uses to describe the dessert get right to the point: ecstasy, happiness, bliss. These tawny bars are seductively chewy and get a liberal sprinkling of flaky Maldon sea salt before baking. The combo gives each bite a hint of depth and refinement. But not too much: Stieber serves his blondies with straws and a ramekin of whiskey-spiked milk and blondie puree for some dippin’ and a-sippin.’ $5.