Abstract Identities: A solo and self-curated show by Shrodrick Spikes

Saturday October 7, 2017 06:00 PM EDT
Cost: FREE,

From the venue:

In Brief

Hello, My name is Shrodrick Spikes. I'm an American artist and designer from Atlanta, Georgia. Since this is my public debut to the Atlanta art scene, I wanted to make it unique and memorable. So I decided to put together my first self-curated art show at CORE Dance Studio in the downtown Decatur Square. The show is entitled Abstract Identities. I decided to curate 16 photographs and 6 sculptures that have never been displayed publicly. I chose this title, because most of my works are abstract. In their abstraction, the viewer can still formulate an idea of what the subject matter might be, due to objects in the works that look familiar and can be easily identified.

The promotional graphic I designed for the show comes from a photograph I took of my latest sculpture, The Distorted Perspective of Good Music, 2017. I slightly distorted the image to give it an abstract aesthetic. The sculpture consist of 750 blank cds mounted in a disarray onto a 12x12 black marble tile to symbolize bad music being perceived as good music. Check it out on my website before it is displayed live at www.shrodrickspikes.com.

Thank You,

Shrodrick Spikes

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