Fantasy Guys, Triathlon, I'm an Island, Newark Wilder

Sunday July 31, 2016 08:00 PM EDT
Cost: $7 ,

From the venue:

Fantasy Guys goes down like an overpriced neon green margarita jacked up with saccharine syrup, and a toy umbrella catching the salty breeze. The Atlanta-based three-piece, featuring singer/guitarist Inyo Galatea, vibraphone player Maddy Davis, and bassist Mitchell Hardage, creates perpetually chill music steeped in parrot headed-kitsch. The group’s first full-length, On Poppy Island, turns its flare for tropical camp into a full-bodied aesthetic in songs such as “Don't Go, Jason Waterfalls,” “Surfin’ on a Wave of Juice,” and “Bae Caught Me Vapin’” — each song is anchored by infectious melodies, a technicolor palette of sound, and pure pop bliss.
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Mammal Gallery Magnum
680 Murphy Ave SW
Atlanta, GA 30310
(678) 744-7095