The Rolling Stones

Monday June 8, 2015 08:00 PM EDT
Cost: $69.50-$395,

From the venue:

We can’t do anything about pollen. We can’t do anything about public transportation. And we can’t do anything about the prices for tickets to see the Rolling Stones on Tues., June 9. But it’s been a decade since the group played Atlanta, and the last time there was a rock concert at Bobby Dodd Stadium (a Pink Floyd two-nighter circa 1994), this year’s crop of Tech seniors were 1 year old. And y’know, the Stones are a great rock ’n’ roll band. When’s the last time Atlanta had a show like this? There’s nothing we can do about it ... we just go.
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177 N Ave NW
Atlanta, GA 30313
(404) 894-5447