Collaborative Zine Making

Saturday June 9, 2018 12:00 PM EDT
Cost: $15-20

From the venue:

Join us June 9th for a deep dive into zinemaking. In this class, we will work together to create one amazing 5.5” x 8” zine.

We’ll start the class with some creative exercises to help guide our zine making. You can design one or ten pages! We will be using collage, found image/text, crayons, old journal entries, or anything you can think of. A page in the zine can consist of as little as one small sentence or one ripped piece of paper to an essay you spent 3 days writing last week. It can be anything!

Once everything is designed, we’ll compile all the pages that everyone makes into one beautiful full-color zine and make photocopies for everyone. Then we’ll learn some fun, simple binding methods. When we’re done, you get to take home a copy of the zine we all worked on.

What’s a Zine?

A zine is a noncommercial homemade publication, usually mass-produced by photocopying. They range topics, but are always filled with passion. They can be a means of telling one’s story, sharing thoughts, artwork/comics/doodles, recipes, poetry, editorials, etc.Materials and Participation Fee: $15 for MODA Sustainers, $20 for the General Public. This fee covers everything you need to bring home one full-color zine that all participants will contribute to during this workshop.

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