Jon Latham

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Tuesday October 29, 2019 07:00 pm EDT
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From the earliest of ages , Jon Latham has been obsessed with music. While living in the small town of Greenwood, South Carolina, his first stage was the fireplace hearth at his grandma's house. Introduced from the kitchen, he'd take the "stage", singing along to his favorite records while strumming along on his toy guitar. The years have passed, the child has grown, but the drive and love of performing is still rooted in the same innocence. Jon grew up for most of his life in Kennesaw, Georgia, a small suburb on the northern sprawl of Atlanta. He picked up drums at the age of 6, and through his early teens, he became involved with music in the local church. A side-effect of his time in the Pentecostal sanctuaries was a honing of skills on other instruments. If the bass player fell ill, Jon would relinquish the drum duties to another player so that he could cover the bass parts. By the age of 16, he had taught himself guitar, and just after high school, he formed a duo with his brother performing in bars, coffee shops, and restaurants in the Atlanta area. As the years went on, Jon's pursuits in music were well-tempered with his work ethic, ever the skeptic that it would lead any further than the local open mics. That all changed when he met a fellow Kennesaw singer-songwriter named Peyton Parker. Both Jon and Peyton found chemistry in their harmonies, and Jon became her sideman, filling out guitar parts. Peyton and Jon eventually found that same spark of inspiration when it came to writing, and together, they began crafting original tunes as a team. In 2013, Peyton took the big leap to Nashville, Tennessee, and once settled there, her family generously offered a spare room for Jon if he could move.
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