Sound Culture & Cody Marlowe

03 Og
Courtesy of Eddie's Attic
Thursday October 31, 2019 08:15 pm EDT
Cost: $12-$15
After meeting at a wedding in October 2016, it was easy to see that love of music was in the air for these 5 dudes. Jams became practices. Practices became rehearsals. And before they knew it, Sound Culture was booked at the Masquerade, The Georgia Theatre, and Smith’s Olde Bar. After a few months of making a name for themselves in the Atlanta music scene, the band knew it was time to record and release some music. Defined by their powerful vocals, smooth reggae pulse and big guitar solos, Sound Culture’s first EP release has given body to its vast collective of styles. Guitar-wielding brothers Shawn and Josh Lumsden shred riffs symptomatic of growing up to rock & roll in the American South. It’s been said more than once that Erik Gravy Graves’ voice resembles that of Brandon Boyd from Incubus. Graves’ longtime friend Brandon Street sends low frequency melodies through his nicely dialed G&L/Mark Bass rig. All of this to the beat of metal/country/reggae-inspired drummer Taylor Hunt.
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