Big Stupid Parking Lot Carnival

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Photo Courtesy: Dad's Garage Theatre Company
Saturday March 28, 2020 03:00 PM EDT
Cost: $15-$100,

From the venue:

Can’t decide between a festival, a fundraiser, or a theater play? The Big Stupid Parking Lot Carnival combines all three into one fun-filled extravaganza that you can only find at Dad’s Garage. With plenty of beer to go around, fun rides that will make your head spin, and delicious food that will help settle you back down with its amazing taste, it’s sure to be one stupidly fun time. On top of all that, interactive games will be played between improvisers dispersed throughout the festivalgoers. Fun events like “Redneck Wine Tasting,” “Wheelchair Obstacle Course,” “Bad Caricatures,” and even “Improvised Erotic Fan Fiction” will keep the festival’s atmosphere light and cheery while providing interactive entertainment between the participants and the crowd. A bunch of fun organizations have also partnered with the carnival to provide some great booths, like a Puppy Pit and a Puppet Shooting Gallery. Come experience the magical and unique brand of comedy that Dad’s Garage is known for!
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Atlanta, GA 30312
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