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Pinocchio, Chapters 1-8

Pinocchio 1 8 Poster
Chris Anthony Hamilton
Monday December 27, 2021 12:00 AM EST
Cost: $5-$40,

From the venue:

Two of the most unique and experimental production companies in Atlanta, The Object Group and Sky Creature Productions, announce the upcoming online release of their short film, Pinocchio – Chapters 1-8, on December 27-31. In Carlo Collodi’s original storybook, Pinocchio's natural curiosity is presented as an obstacle to overcome in a journey to obeying society's rules. For many, the story of Pinocchio imparts lessons about knowing right from wrong, resisting temptation, and the price you pay if you give in to foolish desires. In our retelling, however, society is itself corrupt, and humanness a form of oppression. Through his struggle between wood and human flesh, Pinocchio tries on human nature, with its vagaries of greed, repression, ignorance, and the terror of living under the authority of corrupt adults. We have reimagined ‘Pinocchio’ as a blend of puppets and performers, with the intention that by revisiting this classic story now, essential themes of human nature and rebellion will reveal themselves anew. The two leaders of the collaborating organizations – Michael Haverty (The Object Group) and Marium Khalid (Sky Creature Productions) are co-writers, co-directors, and co-producers. The production begins this December with a 30 minute film of chapters 1-8 of the story. The production continues in August of 2022, with the release of the full film and a live performance. Tickets are available at www.TheObjectGroup.org on a pay what you can basis.
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