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Tami Neilson

#18 Tami Neilson
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NEILSON SCHMEILSON: Hang tight as Tami Neilson lets loose with her sassy self July 22.
Saturday July 22, 2023 07:00 PM EDT
Cost: Free
CRITIC’S PICK: She’s bold, brassy and bigger than life. Rockabilly/country singer Neilson doesn’t just perform, she dominates the stage, prowling and cavorting while belting out her vivacious ditties with a voice that can power a locomotive. A little retro but with a contemporary flair, she growls, howls and prances with a swagger that lets you know she’s in complete control. In short a force of nature. And the price is right. — Hal Horowitz

From the venue:

From being cradled as a baby in the arms of Roy Orbison, to performing a duet with Willie Nelson, you would think that Tami Neilson lived a country music fantasy life.
However, in between these monumental occurrences, The Neilson Family Band, with Tami’s parents, and two brothers, had to busk in the streets of small-town Ontario in order to put food on the table. She opened for Johnny Cash,at 18 years old, in her pajamas.
“King of Country Music” reveals her country music lineage: singing with Queen of Country music Kitty Wells at the age of 10. The story of Tami Neilson is just taking shape, from her humble beginnings and tireless work ethic, and success on her own terms. Tami Neilson is now using her voice to be a game changer, a cage shaker, a Kingmaker.

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