Peace in Ukraine

Saturday April 1, 2023 01:00 PM EDT
Cost: $10 - $30

From the venue:

Categories: Peace and anti-war
The moment is now to inaugurate a new, multi-national, grassroots movement to demand an end to the war in Ukraine. There is no road to peace if the U.S. government policy remains to obstruct negotiations and send endless weapons into the war zone to escalate its war against Russia.

We must begin to build a peace movement now, before the conflict escalates any further into an open armed conflict between the United States and Russia, two nuclear armed states. The stakes are too real and the dangers too great for the peoples of the United States to remain on the sidelines.

We, people of conscience, are coming together to demand that there be a radical shift in the direction of U.S. military and foreign policy. NATO expansion must end. Money must be spent on education, healthcare, and housing, not the war machine. We demand peace, not war. Join us!

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