Smol Ensemble, Moloq

##1 (left) Smol Ensemble Stephen Tyndall
CREDIT 1: Stephen Tyndall (left)
T’S A SMOL WORLD: The 2023 SoundNOW Festival concludes Sat., Apr. 1, with a concert at First Existentialist Congregation of Atlanta featuring Smol Ensemble.
Saturday April 1, 2023 07:00 PM EDT
Cost: $10
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CL Critic Doug DeLoach Recommends:  Wrapping up the 2023 SoundNOW Festival is a double bill featuring a consort of toy pianists and percussionists called Smol Ensemble and a duet named Moloq. Having made their debut at the 2019 SoundNow Festival, Smol Ensemble currently comprise Justin Greene, Olivia Kieffer, Amy O’Dell, Monica Pearce and Paul Stevens. The ensemble focuses on works that explore playful timbral sonorities, open endedness, improvisatory elements and all things toy piano-related.  . [|#0563c1:Moloq<span style=”color:] (Jake Aron and Paul Stevens) describe their music as <span style=”font-family”>”Arial Unicode MS”, sans-serif”>”pushing the notion of pop accessibility” with a wild blend of freaky art-rock, Arabic music and funky grooves. - DD

From the venue:

Smol Ensemble: A consort of toy pianists and percussionists with a particular interest in the curiosities of music!

Moloq is an Atlanta-based duo making experimental Pop music

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