Dorian Electra

Tuesday March 5, 2024 07:30 PM EST
Cost: $29.50-$36.50
CRITIC’S PICK: The kids sure have been talking a lot about hyperpop lately, haven’t they? If you are not permanently online like myself or the legion of zoomers barking about this stuff, than you may not even be familiar with this new genre or one of its most prominent torch-bearers, Dorian Electra. Allow me to explain. Hyperpop is pop music, oftentimes played at high rpms, that is blindingly bright, showered in vocal effects, and exists in a semi-cringe, online ecosystem. See, Dorian Electra. songs like “M’Lady” and “Edgelord” poke fun at the shitty man-children of Reddit through computerized singing, while pounding you over the head with industrial beats. Elsewhere, “Career Boy” and “Man to Man” callback to shimmery 80s synth pop, but with modern takes on gender and masculinity. Dorian themselves identify as genderfluid and, through their music, create a space where internet folk, queer and not, can embrace themselves, cringe and all. — Matthew Warhol

From the venue:

Pop music provocateur Dorian Electra’s first two albums — the world building 2019 album Flamboyant and 2020’s edgy My Agenda (Deluxe) masterfully blend together an assortment of genres, including pop, metal, jazz, medieval, epic baroque, classical, EDM, and more. They’ve collaborated with Lady Gaga, Tove Lo, Charli XCX, 100 gecs, Village People, Pussy Riot and others. Electra returns with new singles “Freak Mode,” “Sodom & Gomorrah,” and “anon”. Their third album titled Fanfare dropped on October 6, 2023.
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