Murder Mystery: “NCI-SVU-Brookhaven”

Friday February 9, 2024 07:30 PM EST
Cost: $70.50

From the venue:

Everything in the tiny hamlet of Brookhaven, Georgia seems to be perfect. There are neighborhood bars, mom-and-pop restaurants, over-priced but cozy coffee shops, and the schools are above average according to Overall Niche*. That is... until the unthinkable happens. Murder. A murder so large there’s only one group of special agents that can help solve the case. The NCIs. The Nonsensical Criminal Investigators. Oh, and the other group, the SVUers. The Strange Victims Unit. So I was wrong before. There’s two groups. Only TWO groups of Special Agents that can help solve the case. NCI, led by Supervisory and Spectacular Special Agent Jethro Stapler, and SVU, led by the breathtaking Mariska Take-Your-Breath-Away have been called in to try and work together. Can they put their egos and bureaucracy aside JUST THIS ONCE to help find the killer and do something that might actually help the community? Well, if it’s like any other government agency, the answer is probably no. But we’ve got our fingers crossed. Join Jethro and Mariska as they take you on an unbelievable and wholly unrealistic night of Murder, Mystery and Mayhem at Petite Violette!
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Petite Violette
2948 Clairmont Road N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30329
(404) 634-6268
neighborhood: BrookhavenGaGov