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Battle of Heart & Mind / V3RN / MENU

Saturday April 13, 2024 08:00 PM EDT
Cost: $12.00

From the venue:

Event Description

Where contemplative lyricism and chaotic energy collide, Atlanta-based alternative rock band Battle of Heart and Mind attempts to oscillate between nostalgic moodiness and a bombastic assault on the senses. It’s a unique take on southern fried rock and roll that separates the band from their contemporaries. The 4 piece outfit achieves a sound channeling the likes of Refused, Boys Night Out and Thrice while maintaining the attitude of bands like The Black Keys and The Dead Weather.

V3RN is an alternative rock band based in Nashville, TN. 

The group has made waves in Nashville’s alternative community through their intense, high energy performances, and welcoming attitude to anyone who comes to listen. Their debut EP, ‘girls r scary” portrays a misfit’s coming of age. 

Powerhouse front-woman Giuliana clawed her way through being an outcast, anger, substance abuse, failed love, and rejection - all accumulating into dozens of journals filled with her coming of age story. As she accepted herself and rejected her own expectations, these journals turned into lyrics. Finding her voice and determined to share it, guitarists Tommy Marshall and Gabe Sanchez stepped to develop the early punk heavy sound of V3RN. After recruiting bassist Rose Savage, and drummer, Hunter Curry, the group quickly fell into step to create V3RN’s “distinctive flavor of emotionally driven alternative rock music,” with a 90’s flair. 

V3RN’s mission is provide an escape for whatever you need; whether that be raging out to the music, find comfort in the lyrics, or just have fun. Either way you’ll leave a V3RN show feeling a little less alone.

Combining a desire to positively impact the social environment of the world and a tendency to stumble out of the boundaries of traditional pop writing, MENU delivers a visual and auditory voyage that leaves listeners wanting to call that old friend.

Alternative pop rock from Atlanta, GA. MENU is Steve Martin (Guitar, Vocals, Production) ; Mick Hutchins (Synth, Vocals, Production) ; Yoatzin Anaya (Guitar, FromSoft) ; James Norton III (Bass, Memes) ; Mike Michaels (Drums, Sex Appeal)

MENU began in 2014 when Steve Martin and Mick Hutchins decided to play acoustic performances of their favorite cover songs. The need to unify their friends in the uncertain journey known as adolescence sparked the two to pursue a professional career in the art of bringing people together. After a hiatus from 2017 to 2020, the band moved back from college to the ATL to continue with new knowledge, experiences, and creativity.

MENU takes on the music industry with easygoing but impactful songwriting. Loosely described as Alternative Pop Rock, the band throws no caution to genre boundaries in their 6-song rollercoaster ride of a debut EP titled Homecoming.

“We gotta come up wit a name 4 me n u” -Steve (2014)

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Smith's Outdoor Shot
1578 Piedmont Ave. N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30324
(404) 875-1522
neighborhood: #ansleymall #midtownatl #piedmontheights #morningside