Ear Pollen, Part 2

#1 Bob Stagner Credit Ernie Paik
Ernie Paik
WHOLE LOTTA SHAKIN’: Shaking Ray Levis founder Bob Stagner will join Klimchak at Atlanta Contemporary.
Saturday April 6, 2024 04:00 PM EDT
Cost: Free
CRITIC’S PICK: The third installment of Ear Pollen, a monthly series of improv duets curated by Klimchak at Atlanta Contemporary, features the superlative percussionist, educator, swami to the Hubble Deep Field All-Stars and founder of the Shaking Ray Levis and Shaking Ray Levis Society, Chattanooga’s own avant son Bob Stagner. Only the Creator knows what magnificent pile of polyrhythmic mischief Klimchak and Stagner will conjure up from a few dozen instruments, toys, household items, and sundry bits. A glance at Stagner’s resume indicates an extensive array of performances and recordings with critically acclaimed artists including John Zorn, the Rev. Howard Finster, David Greenberger, Fred Frith, Min Tanaka, Amy Denio, and Derek Bailey. What more do you need to know? Oh, yeah, the concert starts at 4 p.m. outside if weather permits, otherwise inside the gallery. — Doug DeLoach

From the venue:

The Ear Pollen Series started at Gallery 378 in 2020. Klimchak curated the monthly performances by selecting 3-5 musicians to perform a totally improvised concert together. The series was just getting started when Covid hit and ended it. At Atlanta Contemporary, Klimchak has revived the series in a minimalist compact form, while retaining the improvised format.

For the Ear Pollen Series, Pt 2, Klimchak is performing in a series of duets, each month with a different partner and featuring different instruments. In many ways, the duet is the perfect vehicle for improvisation, as it allows the performers to treat their playing as a form of conversation, introducing new ideas, batting those ideas back and forth and taking them to new places to keep the dialog flowing. Part 2 becomes a 2-part conversation for the audience to witness and enjoy.

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