Solemn Shapes / R_Garcia / Tricil / Chiasm

Thursday April 25, 2024 08:00 PM EDT
Cost: $12.00

From the venue:

Event Description

Solemn Shapes is a North American electronic music group, formed in 2015 in Charlotte, North Carolina where they are currently based. Vocalist and electronic artist Melanie Foxfire met touring synthesist/electronic musician Scott Sunset in 2009 and the duo started playing shows as Solemn Shapes in 2016. Solemn Shapes has played over two hundred shows throughout the midwest, south and east coast USA with several tours since their formation. Their second EP, “Animalism” trended on the Bandcamp Darkwave, Industrial and Electronic charts in 2021 and has received a lot of airplay since its release. They have released music on two compilations and also have two songs in the film Sister Tempest by Joe Badon.
Solemn Shapes is often labeled as a Darkwave band, with influences ranging from early Industrial music to EBM and Electronic music. The name Solemn Shapes is derived from a Vincent Scully architectural article referring to the beauty of Louis Khan’s building, “all the hard and solemn shapes were now derived from an analysis of function and most of all, from the reception of light.” The shapes of the interior, Scully called ‘Brutalist’.
Brutal Resonance described Solemn Shapes experimental electronics…”each trickle of electronics layered on top of one another gave me another reason to love, vocals perfectly matched, swiveling between a more-human-than-human vibe to creepy horror-tinged science fiction bouts. Tons of experimental sounds play out.”
Disturbed By Voices characterized Solemn Shapes’ music as “catchy melodies with brilliant vocal apparitions driven over gorgeously industrial landscapes...hauntingly dystopian, the gothically-tinged industrial/electronica embraces a not-altogether alien landscape, perhaps stressing a future-forced-aloneness with human connectivity verboten except through cold technology.”
Their Animalism EP is a lead-up to their full-length album, Prolonged Exposure to Darkness, which are both mastered by Rob Robinson (ohGr, Order of the Static Temple) with the album scheduled to be released in 2024 with Distortion Productions, LLC.
🗡️Amidst the symphony of existence, where chords linger in the echoes of eternity and melodies whisper across timeless currents, emerges the mystical entity of CHIASM🐉

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