Marietta Cobb Museum of Art Spring Exhibits (wednesdays)

Wednesday April 24, 2024 11:00 AM EDT
Cost: $10, members free

From the venue:

!!The Magic of Modern Art: How to Love Modern & Contemporary Art

TheMagicOfModernArt Exhibit 1 002

The Magic of Modern Art: How to Love Modern & Contemporary Art from April 6 until June 16, 2024. Based on artist and author Robyn Jamison’s book of the same name, The Magic of Modern Art is a group exhibition of artists from across the United States. To answer the question of “How does one learn to experience Modern and Contemporary Art? - this exhibition offers everyone the opportunity to become knowledgeable and passionate about the less-traditional side of fine art. Featuring artists from Jamisonâ’s book and beyond, this exhibition seeks to instill the understanding that the ability to appreciate any type of art is innate to all human beings.

Featuring artwork by In Kyoung Chun, Cynthia Cooper, Craig Drennen, Robyn Jamison, Joshua Kight, Aloma Marquis, Lawrence W. Oliverson, Rohitash Rao, Anthony Schmitt, Corrina Sephora, and Jamele Wright, Sr., as well as a selection of work by artists in the MCMA Permanent Collection.

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Lucy Luckovich Postcard Front 002 Scaled

Lucy Luckovich, an Atlanta-based artist, presents a series of paintings that allude to the concept of watching “in order to explore how female objectification has been impacted by the ongoing Digital Age - Her work confronts the intertwining and duplicitous concepts of womanhood, consumption, and technology. Luckovich’s paintings are traditional in technique, but function within a greater conversation that is situated inside our current Digital Age. Using cherries, chains, and pearls to partially obstruct the backgrounds reinforces that each subject is presented as just an object - not a girl or a body, but the artist’s concept of an - Initial Object.
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