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If you like kombucha, you’ll love Shrubs. Ours are concentrated, so it’s like getting a three shrubs for the price of one kombucha. Meet your new go-to!

Our shrubs are made with blood oranges, raw honey, apple cyser vinegar, cardamon and ginger in a flask. When you combine the superfood ginger, with sweet Californian blood oranges, it’s special. This prebiotic and probiotic is called the Sweet Sanguinelli Honey Shrub. Use this flavorful tonic to start your day, enhance your water, hot teas, soda waters, or raise the bar with your cocktails.

Boost Your Immunity
This unique combination of prebiotics and probiotics gets the gut moving. It’s alive with raw honey, fruits, herbs within a special apple honey vinegar reduction, both tasty and healthy. Think on this: because about 70% of your immune system lives in your gut, why not take care of your gut each day and have something great at the same time?

Highly Concentrated

As a concentrate, you can expect anywhere from eight to 16 servings.

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