In chef Kevin Rathbun’s temple to big steaks and expense-account dining, the dry-aged steak for two is a Goldilocks version of indulgence: Not too big, not too small, and aged for 30-40 days until the meat’s developed a complex, funky flavor that is just right. This 26-ounce porterhouse is served bone-in and conveniently sliced for easy access. Enjoy the deeply flavored meat on its own or say screw Goldilocks and dunk each bite in Rathbun’s outrageous, melty black truffle butter. Steaks are served a la carte, but we recommend sampling a shareable side of jalapeño creamed corn or cheesy scalloped sweet potatoes. This is not the time or place for calorie counting, temperance, or restraint, so relax and enjoy. $72.