Pallookaville Fine Foods

Call: (404) 500-1785 or visit www.pallookaville.com
Originally a mobile food truck, founder Jim Stacy has set Pallookaville in a brick and mortar location in Avondale Estates. Let's not make total pretend. Beside the salads for your vegetarian friends, you're not going to eat anything at Pallookaville that doesn't ooze fat. Order a corn dog — we recommend the Fryinstein — as well as the Tater Tots instead of the fries. Do not leave without at least considering the shake specials, Stacy's greatest alchemy du kitsch. Pallookaville is pure fun and a window to the American aesthetic of carnival kitsch.
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17 North Avondale Plaza
Avondale Estates, GA 30002
(404) 500-1785
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