Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve

Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve
Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve
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The Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve is a privately owned and maintained 28-acre park that connects with Hahn Woods near Lullwater Preserve. The park boasts an extensive network of boardwalks and trails that lead past features such as a pollinator garden, Raccoon Rock, and Beaver Pond, which is frequently visited by great blue herons, ducks, and other wildlife such as owls and deer. This is a relatively easy hike through the woods. Good for grandma, grandpa, and the kids.

Friday May 20, 2016 08:00 PM EDT
Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve Cost: No cost info
BioBlitz is an event hosted by the Georgia Geographic Alliance aimed at finding, identifying, and recording as many species as possible in an allotted time. In addition, there will be free t shirts, snacks, tours of the nature reserve, and music. Come out and enjoy some local science! [click here for more]

Friday May 16, 2014 08:00 PM EDT
Saiah’s Terminus is a site-specific, immersive, interactive theatrical experience in which the audience will travel with the characters along their journey. A work inspired by Richard Adam’s famous novel Watership Down, Terminus is set in the South at the end of the American Civil War as General S... [click here for more]
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