88 Tofu

88 Tofu is now closed. Formerly Best of Winner from Doraville. Photo credit to Yelp Ivan S. 2008
PHOTO CREDIT: Courtesy Yelp/Ivan S.
In most cities situated more than 5,000 miles from Seoul, it’s hard enough to find a silky, sizzling bowl of tofu soup at a normal hour of the day - let alone at 5 a.m. Doraville is the exception. Tucked just inside the Perimeter on Buford Highway, 88 TOFU HOUSE serves tofu nearly 88 ways, predominantly in soups rounded out with meat, vegetables, seafood or bean paste. Even better, the restaurant stays open around the clock, meaning that you can order up the ultimate hangover cure — at a spice level that will knock the misery out of you - before your hangover even sets in. Even in the wee hours, the slightly tattered and friendly space can be packed with Korean diners, but servers do their best to make customers of all ethnicities welcome. The menu is printed in both English and Korean, and the waitstaff communicates well enough to let you know that the raw eggs on the table are to be cracked into the bubbling broth.
5490 Buford Hwy NE
Doraville, GA 30340