Super H Mart

Photo by James Camp
Doraville’s Super H Mart is part of a nationwide chain that originated in Korea and specializes in Asian foods. Of the four Georgia stores, the Doraville location is open 365 days a year, but the best time to visit is on the weekend for free food demos. There are entire aisles dedicated to soy sauce (more than 70 brands and varieties), sake (60 chilled, 26 non-chilled), Japanese and Korean snacks, teas, and seaweed. The rice section is practically a United Nations assembly, with dozens of different types originating from India, Japan, Thailand, Korea, and Jamaica. Even pressurized rice cookers run the gamut, from $29 to $500. Raw marinated Korean barbecue (otherwise known as bulgogi) is available to cook at home, along with sashimi for sushi and many types of the popular Korean condiment kimchi. In addition to Asian foods, Super H Mart also has fruits and vegetables from around the world. And don’t forget to hit the food court on your way out to enjoy some great Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, or Chinese food, and sweets from the Korean bakery. It’s cultural immersion without the expensive plane ticket.
4901 S Royal Atlanta Dr
Tucker, GA 30084