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Carrot Dog
PHOTO CREDIT: Cliff Bostock
CARROT DOG: Kemi Benning is waving her magic carrots to create some of the city’s best vegan fast food.
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Website: Carrot Dog, launched May of 2019, is a vegan fast food joint… It’s the best hot dog you “never” had! Food For Thought Cafe’ is a now a vegan restaurant group creating nostalgic, creative and fast-casual culinary experiences in plant-based cuisine. Our mission is to inspire healthier communities and an overall culture of health though awareness, powerful conversations, and fun, creative vegan food. Currently, Carrot Dog is popping-up at cool/hip locations throughout the city, while attracting and establishing a stand-alone restaurant.

CL’s Cliff Bostock Recommends: If you dislike hot dogs and find carrots boring, you need to try this vegan pop-up at the Window outside the MET. Kemi Benning brines hefty carrots in spicy brews and nestles them in grilled buns with a variety of toppings. My fave has been the Southern Santa Fe topped with chopped romaine lettuce, sliced avocados, smoked chipotle mayo, chopped onions, and vegan bacon. — CB

Carrot Dog, 680 Murphy Ave. (outside the MET), 404-447-8451, 12-4 p.m. Saturdays only, Call or check IG — Kemi Bennings — to make sure they are open. - Cliff Bostock, Jan 2022

680 Murphy Ave SW Ste 4158-CD
Atlanta, GA 30310

Burgers/Hot Dogs, Vegan/Vegetarian

Kemi Benning