Cabbagetown Initiative Community Development Corporation (CICDC)

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Website: The Cabbagetown Initiative Community Development Corporation (CICDC) is a 501(c) 3 non-profit corporation. The CICDC (also known as “CI”) was established by the Cabbagetown Neighborhood Improvement Association in 1999 to oversee the creation of a park in the heart of Cabbagetown. The Cabbagetown community has created an inviting, shared green space that promises to enhance the quality of life in the Cabbagetown community.

Currently the CICDC, in cooperation with the City of Atlanta, maintains the Cabbagetown Community Center, the Cabbagetown Park, and the Cabbagetown Community Garden. In 2008, the CICDC helped the neighborhood’s tornado victims by raising and redistributing relief funds to neighborhood applicants. The CICDC regularly organizes neighborhood public safety, clean-up, and beautification projects, which help combat vandalism and crime. The CICDC manages Chomp and Stomp, Cabbagetown’s neighborhood bluegrass and chili festival, as well as Forward Warrior, Cabbagetown’s public art installation on Wylie Street, curated by Peter Ferrari.

Saturday November 11, 2023 06:00 PM EST
Cabbagetown Initiative Community Development Corporation (CICDC) Cost: $25.00
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The 2023 Higher Benefit Concert is our inaugural gospel benefit concert that helps us raise funds for our need-based grants and merit-based scholarships. Christian Gospel artists, in the form of singers, rappers, dancers, and preachers, volunteer their time to support our mission, with praise, worsh... [click here for more]
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