MIXING & MASTERING~ The SYNE Online. Superb Quality ~ Excellent Service ~ 32 years of Experience.
~Since 1987. In today's studio climate, Pro Audio equipment and software is readily available and easily accessible.
However, the experience and expertise in utilizing this equipment is not!
With so many online mixing and mastering companies to choose from, how do you decide who to trust with your project?
The answer is simple...Use Yours Ears & Compare
At THE SYNE Online, our work speaks for itself !


 Have you spent money on your equipment and time recording your hit material only to find that your mixes are NOT translating well outside of your studio?

 Do you have all the popular software and plug-ins but have no idea on how to make them work for you?

 Compression and EQ frequencies have you baffled?

 Does your mixes have that amateurish and cheap "bathroom" sound that contains distorted levels, dull high end, muddy low end, muffled vocals and an overall sound that is just not crisp, clean or PROFESSIONAL?

The Syne Online can assist you in achieving high quality, professional radio-ready mixes that were recorded in your very own studio.
Eliminate the guesswork in Mixing & Mastering and manifest the desired results by making your hard work shine and stand above the competition.


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