Dear friends and colleagues!

I am very excited to finally tell you about a project I have been über passionate about. This is something that has changed my life drastically and who I was not meant to be its intended audience. Yet, somehow, I was sucked into this cult and now I can't get out and don't know if I want to. These COVID times have taken so much from us, but I realized we had given up much of it before the pandemic even started.

I never really knew how to explain it to others accurately and that’s why I’m doing this. This culture has enriched my life 10x fold and I want to be able to share it with you because I think it may just change you as well. Now I'm asking you to do the same because I don't think you know how much you're hurting. How you mask and numb over things you were meant to be experiencing daily. So here it is.. Never look back!

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