Suffer Dragon issues two new musical curiosities

Tuesday April 21, 2015 03:31 pm EDT
Adam Babar and Daniel Betts broaden the scope of his conceptual prog funk outfit


  • Courtesy Suffer Dragon

Suffer Dragon, a self-proclaimed "prog funk" outfit helmed by Adam Babar (guitar, Easily Suede, Faun and a Pan Flute) and Daniel Betts (drums and synth, also of Faun), works best when paired with a concept. The project's manically agile pieces are mesmerizing in their own right, but the bizarre charm of its release strategies is where Babar and Betts truly shine. Suffer Dragon's "textclusive" Tryna Suffer single from 2013 required listeners to text Babar directly to obtain two songs unavailable elsewhere else. Now, the merriment continues over at Suffer's Bandcamp with "$50 song." While you can stream the track for free as much as you'd like, downloading the song comes with a $50 price tag. The choice is yours.

$50 song by Suffer Dragon

The project also surfaced with a new video for "No Suffer No Cry (cooler version)," a reworked version of the opening track of Good Golf, originally released last December via Staring at the Ceiling. While the audio rides like a slowed and grotesque meandering through proggy no wave territory, the video revels in the glorious lo-fi infidelities of an amateur movie edited together using two VHS players and third-hand VHS tapes. The audio syncs up almost too well, leaving a question mark as to which came first, the video or the audio.

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