Tracklist: Jenny Hval cares


>> Last Night on Late Night: Athens, Alabama all-stars Alabama Shakes did "Over My Head" on Fallon, Fall Out Boy did American Beauty/American Psycho fav "Uma Thurman" on Meyers, messy brits Palma Violets did "English Tongue" on Corden, dapper dans Milk Carton Kids did "The City of Our Lady" on Coco, and in recently discovered performances from last week: Tim Presley project White Fence did "Sticky Fruition Has Faith" on Daly and the Original American Idol Kelly Clarkson did "Invincible" on Ellen.

>> "I think capitalism has done a good job putting all the blame on the individual rather than seeing a system and a structure. I’m a musician and a freelancer, so I’m not a worker. I’m forced into having my own business because I’m a musician. When you have your own business its easy to think everything is your fault because we have limited rights, compared to somebody with a job, with an employer. That’s the way it’s been going the past 30 years or so, putting all the blame on the individuals." ~ Jenny Hval

>> Apple announces a new music, video, podcast, etc... streaming service, Apple Music, with a little help from Drake and The Weeknd.

>> Full Stream Ahead: Adam Lambert, The Original High, Faith No More, Angel Dust Reissue Bonus Tracks, Richard Thompson, Still, The Corner Laughers, Matilda Effect, Bonus: Kim Gordon + J Mascis, "Slow Boy"

>> Stephen Duffy founded Duran Duran and Tin Tin, wrote for The Lilac Time and Robbie Williams, and, wait, who is Stephen Duffy?

>> Bethany & The Best Coasters stopped by The Current to talk about LP 3 California Nights and stuck around to play 3 songs off that album.

>> Book Club: What Else Is in the Teaches of Peaches ($28, Akashic)

>> Sky is blue, water is wet, Beehive is crazy.

>> http://www.thefader.com/2015/06/06/a-new-childish-gambino-album-is-on-the-way

>> Never change, Justin Bieber.