Widowspeak shares the stage with Lord Huron at Variety Playhouse

If a person must unpack emotional baggage, they might as well do so while elevated.


The Brooklyn-based duo Molly Hamilton and Robert Earl Thomas, better known to most as Widowspeak, make pop music that's light enough to float but carries enough moodiness to remain anchored in reality. Together they dropped a third full-length in June, titled All Yours, via Captured Tracks. The title cut leads with slick, sweet guitar and melancholy revelations of a recently ended relationship. Another single from the record, "Girls," takes on a bluesy swagger with weeping harmonica, keeping in line with the sad reflective nature of "All Yours." They seem to get that if a person must unpack emotional baggage, they might as well do so while elevated.


Widowspeak opens for Lord Huron at Variety Playhouse on Mon., July 20. $23. 7 p.m. Variety Playhouse, 1099 Euclid Ave. N.E. 404-524-7354. www.variety-playhouse.com.

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