Photographer John Crooms presents another ‘Great Day in Atlanta’

Crooms commemorates the 10th anniversary of his historic image by mounting the A Great Day In Atlanta: 2003-2013 Before & Beyond” exhibition.”


For almost two decades, photographer John Crooms has made a name for himself by documenting Atlanta’s underground soul music and culture scene. In 2003, he made history by snapping the photo “A Great Day in Atlanta” - inspired by the classic image “A Great Day in Harlem” - capturing some of the A’s most prolific indie singers, musicians, DJs, promoters, and visual artists.

On Friday, October 4, Crooms, along with performer/promoter Kemi Bennings, is commemorating the 10th anniversary of the AGDIA by mounting the exhibition “A Great Day In Atlanta: 2003-2013 Before & Beyond,” which will display the original photo, a reunion version of the picture (shot in 2012) and dozens of images Crooms has taken over the course of his career.

The exhibition will show pictures ... from my photographic journey,” say Crooms. “From when I started shooting pictures at the Universal Zulu Nation meetings that were going on in Atlanta back in the early ’90s up until this past summer’s House in the Park.”

Free. 7 p.m. The Art of Giving Gallery, 115 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive SW, 4th Floor.