Clothes release ‘Language’ EP, continue Tomorrow’s Month series

Rising Atlanta trio mixes alien bombast and crate-digging technique on debut EP


  • Courtesy Clothes

Clothes, a fledgling experimental beat-focused trio based in East Atlanta, has just dropped Language , the group’s debut digital EP. Comprised of three fresh-faced and curiously motivated newcomers - Wes Brooks (bass/various other instruments), Will Lackey (drum kit), and John Davenport (production/beats/various other instruments) - the project has been modestly orchestrating sounds for barely more than a year. The earliest proof of these efforts came last October with the “Takacs/Always a Little Bit” digital/video single. The woozy tune pitted shifting bell tones and heavily-processed samples against drums both live and recorded, altogether making a solid entry for the band into the world.

Recorded at Bergamont Lounge, Clothes’ EAV home studio, the Language EP highlights the trio’s finely honed sound. Released just last week via YouTube and free download via Mediafire, the three tracks nod to some of the great forward-thinkers of electronic music and instrumental hip-hop. Opening track “Cerul Normale” lurches through its duration with a bombastic, alien swagger fit for Flying Lotus while the eponymous tune reserves a complacent and contemplative scene of processed grooves similar to Madlib’s crate-digging harem. Closing track “Culture” takes the Stones Throw vibe even deeper, but addles the editing with a meditative but frantic style akin to Four Tet or Dabrye.

The band plans to celebrate the EP’s release Wed. Apr. 30 with a listening party which also serves as the latest installment of Tomorrow’s Month, the band’s recurring music and art series.

Check out the companion Bonus Beats EP below.

Clothes and JP Villa play Tomorrow’s Month Wed. Apr. 30. 9 p.m. Free. 1222 Crestwood, Atlanta, Georgia 30316.