Acid Freaks play swan song

Acid Freaks begin an open-ended hiatus” after tonight’s set at 529.”

Local punks Acid Freaks will be calling it quits, at least for the time being, after tonight’s show at 529. “It’s more of an open-ended hiatus, just because Brannon Greene and Mike Koechlin are in so many other bands and we haven’t done anything in a while,” says singer and guitarist Joe Hardwick.

He isn’t kidding — the boys of Acid Freaks know how to keep themselves busy. Greene and Koechlin play together in local bands Predator, G.H.B., and Ryan Dinosaur, and Koechlin also plays for Dinos Boys and G.G. King. With Acid Freaks temporarily disbanded, Hardwick is starting a new project. “I’m going to call it Adult Braces,” he said. “It’s heavy, but I don’t have a lineup 100 percent locked down.”

Acid Freaks leaves behind just one officially released track, “Meth Buddies,” from the 2013 Atlanta punk compilation Land of Nod.

Land of Nod: Atlanta Punk & Hardcore by Acid Freaks
Acid Freaks, Waste Layer, the Grasshopper Lies Heavy, and Pretty Please play 529 tonight (July 15). Donations for touring band. 9 p.m. 529 Flat Shoals Avenue.