Rest in Peace, Ohmpark

After six years, local music scribe Davy Minor moves on to purse other projects


  • Kevin Griggs/Ohmpark
  • Little Tybee’s Brock Scott tips his hat during last weekend’s Ohmpark Fest

Less than a week after hosting the inaugural Ohmpark Fest, one of the more impressive local festivals in recent memory, music scribe Davy Minor has called it quits. This marks the end of Ohmpark’s six-year run, during which the local music website garnered a reputation as one of the city’s more noteworthy blogs.

“With respect to Atlanta, I have a lot of ideas of projects that I want to try out,” Minor tells CL. “Instead of being a passive commenter on the scene as I was with Ohmpark, I’d like to play a more active role. Exactly what that will be, I’m not entirely sure yet.”

In a post yesterday afternoon, he announced that blog would be no more, saying that:

When I first started this website, I didn’t expect to stick with it more than a couple of months, let alone six years. I never intended to be a “music writer” or “journalist” or whatever, it was just a way to kill time when I didn’t want to pay attention in class and an outlet for my vast obsession with music. But it became so much more. I could never have expected the success of this blog. Not only was I able to find an audience, but it was such an incredible educational experience. I’ve learned so much about writing and journalism and music and art. I’ve made so many friends (and enemies) along the way, and all the shows and festivals and going on tour and all of the sonic adventures I chronicled here, it was simply an amazing six years.