The Hussy talks songwriting and their Atlanta debut

A Q&A with guitarist Bobby Wegner of Madison, Wis garage-punk duo the Hussy


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  • The Hussy’s Bobby Hussy (left) and Heather Sawyer.

Few psych-influenced garage-punk outfits are as productive in the studio or on tour as Madison, Wis duo the Hussy. Though they are constantly on the road, and have released records via garage-punk taste-makers such as Tic Tac Totally and Southpaw, the band has yet to appear in Atlanta. That changes on Tues., July 2, when the group’s current tour supporting its third LP, Pagan Hiss, stops at the Earl. The Hussy’s chord-shredding, hair slinging performance artist frontman Bobby Hussy took a few minutes to talk about writing songs with his bandmate Heather Sawyer, setting his guitar on fire, and the band’s busy but bright future.

With each record, your sound gets harder, heavier, and weirder. Is this a conscious change, or is the evolution of your sound organic?
It’s totally organic. It’s just the songs we write, paired with any new gear we have to play with. We just record a batch of songs, and weed out what wouldn’t fit on the record.